What Is Brow Artistry?

Brow Artistry is an unique, growing, brow-shaping method that only a handful of therapists are trained to perform. Professional brow artists use a process called facial feature mapping to design eyebrows that perfectly complement the client's unique features.

Like haircuts, eyebrow shapes are not one-size-fits-all. Your perfect brows depend on the dimensions of your face - the right arches can not only emphasize your eyes but make you look younger, and even let you get away with wearing less make-up!

Brow Design

$20 and up (all shaping is done using thread)

Threading is a highly popular technique for hair removal used to give clean lines and shape to the eyebrows as well as remove hair from the upper lip and other facial areas. It does not require application of any products to the skin, such as wax or any hair removal creams. Suitable for clients who are unable to use other methods due to contraindications. Eyebrows are sculpted and shaped to perfection using the ancient technique of threading. It is a process that uses twisted cotton threads to remove unwanted body hair. The applied area is left with a clean look and feel.


Threading Hair Removal

Lip - $10
Chin - $10
Cheek area - $15
Full Face - $30 and up

Full face plus threading facial to remove dry dead skin - $40

Photo by RomarioIen/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RomarioIen/iStock / Getty Images

Eyebrow Tinting

$40 (Includes Brow Design)

Bring out the depth and color of your eyes with eyebrow tinting. This treatment results in beautiful full brows that last for up to two weeks. No more messy makeup or brows that smudge off. 

Brow Extension Treatment

$75 and up

Want full beautiful, natural-looking brows right now without waiting for them to grow in? Similar to eyelash extensions, brow extensions are the perfect solution for those with less endowed brows.  Our highly trained therapists apply brow extensions to existing hair and/or skin to fill in thin areas and create the brow-shape and thickness desired. Our therapist will consult you on what shape and thickness will best create a completely natural eyebrow unique to you.